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Action Plan

Action Plan

Step 1: Onsite Job Analysis

  • Performed by ergonomics professionals
  • Includes directly measuring physical demands such as lifting, pushing/pulling, and endurance through the use of energy expenditure monitors.

Step 2: Worker Task Questionnaires (WTQ’s)

  • WTQ’s are developed based on the results of the Onsite Job Analysis
  • To be completed by workers in the job titles which were analyzed
  • WTQ’s are returned for review and inclusion in the Validation document

Step 3: Test Battery Design and EEOC Documentation

  • Test battery is created from demands measured during the Onsite Job Analysis
  • EEOC validation document developed

Step 4: Test Center Training and Testing

  • Test Center is identified to administer the test battery for each location
  • Results interpreted and pass/fail rendered within 24 hours

Step 5: Evaluation of Program Effectiveness Pre-/Post-Implementation Analysis

  • Injury rates one year after program implementation are compared to injury rates from the year prior to program implementation
  • The same analysis is performed with any other available performance metrics

Step 6: Annual Job Requirement Review Circulation and Interpretation

Step 7: Onsite Job Reanalysis After 5 Years

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